I have been hunting for a bedroom set for my son who has been sleeping with mattress on the floor for a long time . Lousy Court Mammoth !!!. When I last went there to check the BECKY bedroom set last 26th May the sale person said that there was no stock available .Yesterday I rang the sale person again and asked whether the BECKY bedroom set was already here and she said need to check with the warehouse and she would return my call .. waited for the whole day yesterday for her call but it never came!!! So i went there personally just now to check .
On reaching there, the sale person said that the set is here in the warehouse but they cannot display the set because the demand is so high... since so many people are interested to buy that set. Fair enough. Then she asked me to pay first, then they will send the set to my house. Of course, I, as a consumer like to know when the bedroom set will be delivered if I pay her now. After checking with the office personnel she said it will be delivered in 2 weeks' time and the worst of the worst thing is from tomorrow onwards - 4th June all deliveries ...even if your house is just next door to Courts Mammoth..... will be charged RM 20 extra for the cost of delivery...Out of curiosity I asked her why suddenly need to charge RM 20 extra... she say because gaji naik ( pay rise) so need to pay extras !!!!! What the heck??? Is this what they so called INSPIRATION???

Or should it be :

How to do business like that ?? You are scaring customers off lar!!!. Lousy service we can still bear with you but extra charges for delivering just because of pay rise ... sorry lar ... no more inspirations from us consumers ..

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