All teachers out there please read these, from a very wise man :- Mr. Gerald Lee Leong Ai, recipient of this year Tokoh Guru Kebangsaan.

1. All teachers must have the 3Fs - Fair, Friendly and Firm . He practises throughout his career as an educator … and even now. He strongly believes this is what a teacher should be.Sometimes to be kind, we have to be strict. We punish them so that they will realise their mistakes and avoid them and change for the better.”

2. In whatever work we are assigned to, we must give it our very best to get it successfully accomplished. This is especially so in the case of civil servants or even in the public sector, because we are paid to do it. So we must do a good job, whatever they may be, that have been assigned to us.

3.Always make it a point, first and foremost, to look after our students’ welfare because that’s basically why we are in school — to look after the students. Without students, there will be schools, no teachers.

4.A teacher’s role should include touching the hearts of students and helping them to change positively.

5. If we want the country to be developed, we must have the best people as teachers.It is very important to uphold image of the noble profession and attract the best people instead of settling for those who chose to teach as a last resort.

6.Teachers must carry out their work with a kind heart. Students will remember teachers because of the care and special attention paid to them.

7. Teachers must be responsible and accountable, trying to make a difference in the lives of those they worked with and making their schools a happy and conducive place for everyone.

8. Teachers don’t work for awards. It’s not the awards you win that is important but the recognition by the teachers, students and parents

Heartiest Congratulations to Mr Gerald Lee. ( fondly known to the students as General Lee). We, staffs , students and ex- students from SMB St Joseph, Kuching are indeed very proud of you.

Full extract of Mr Lee's vision , mission , study life, career life, dreams, wise advice to parents and students can be found in today's Borneo Post

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