Last month i signed up for the Entertainment News Feed found on my blog sidebar on the right. It helps me to keep abreast of news while i am typing and doing my work on my com. At that time they offer us USD50 voucher for signing up, I was not so attracted to the voucher because i was thinking how to shop in Malaysia with USD50 voucher and moreover it is true that they will really give us USD50 just for signing up??
Tonight i received this email:

USD 50 Gift Certificate For XXXXXXX From Ugive microsite .‎
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Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2007 11:31:50 PM
Gift Certificate

This is your GloboCertificate. You can exchange it for gift certificates from 1,000's of retailers worldwide. Please read how to do this in the e-mail.

I was still skeptical when I saw the email because Malaysia being such a small country where can I exchange my gift certificate???

But as I find out further from the website given in the email..... HOOLALA ... got Parkson for Malaysia moh and the best of the best thing is the USD50 can be converted to RM and after conversion it is RM 161.80 so I converted it to RM 160 Parkson's voucher. Not bad ..not bad at all ... that is what I mean $$$ from heaven
The next best of the best thing is that you can track and check the delivery status of your gift voucher by entering your tracking number issued after all the transaction processes of exchanging the gift voucher to RM

So now till the day I received my Parkson's voucher I am thinking hard and real hard on what to buy for myself at Parkson for RM 160.... suggestions from readers are most welcome!!!

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    ehon said...

    buy me present lorrr!! :D RM160 ler!!

  1. ... on 2:57 PM  
  2. FFX Madman said...

    Give your prefects a very grand and nice dinner... Not Chicken Hartz anymore, maybe somewhere in Merdeka Palace etc etc etc...


  3. ... on 4:22 PM  
  4. X'tina said...

    With RM 160 how to got to Merdeka Palace le? Yahor, maybe I can bring my 45 prefects there for a cup of sky juice each...LOL

  5. ... on 7:13 PM  
  6. X'tina said...

    typo error: how to go and not how to got

  7. ... on 7:14 PM  
  8. X'tina said...

    No problem as one is much easier to deal than 45 as suggested by Cyril , my ex prefect... ok let me play Santarina today... say quickly what you want from Parkson...

  9. ... on 7:17 PM  
  10. ehon said...

    Cyril: Ask Santarina belanja you guys mineral water from Merdeka got lar with RM160! Lol. Don't even know if enough or not. :P

    Santarina: Oh no.. What I want ar. Why is this sooo difficult?! *thinks* *ponders* I also don't know ler! headache. I'll get back to you lar. :P What you reckon I should get? :P Something not too expensive.

  11. ... on 1:41 AM