Imagine this scenario:
Wedding party . Everybody is merrymaking and happy.

Ricky went out to urinate and the suspect fired a shot at him, injuring him.

The shooting was heard by the rest and when Meluda walked out to check he was also shot at and dropped dead.

Coming out next were Kerin, Jimbun and Galau. They were all shot dead.

On seeing the shooting spree, Paulus ran out, intending to go to his bedroom next to the longhouse to protect his children.

“I saw my husband being shot as he ran. When the suspect saw that he had not dropped dead, he slashed his face. My husband dropped dead in front of our room.” said his wife.

5 lives gone just like that after being shot at by a foreigner who they believed could have been full of resentment as he was regularly mocked for being a foreigner in the community.

Really what a tragedy !!!!. I just can't believe it is a true story happening in Song, Sarawak yesterday.

Full reports of the news can be found in today's Borneo Post

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    ehon said...

    this. is. really... scarryyyy mann...

  1. ... on 4:34 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    yalor just like in the movie or computer game like that!!! Real scarry, so want or not.. still need to wary of this type of people.

  3. ... on 6:27 PM