Do you all agree with these?

The great majority of school teachers nowadays hate teaching, learning, studying and hate children too. These are teachers who barely passed their SPM and found themselves as teachers because our politics dictates that these people be given jobs even if it means making our children silly in the process.

These so-called teachers would rather be out there doing direct selling or promoting get-rich-quick schemes, etc. How can such riff-raff be educators?

this is from today Borneo Post.

As a teacher myself , I would like to hear comments from my fellow readers who are also parents and students . Do you agree or disagree with these statements? Any comments anyone?

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    ehon said...

    NOOOO!! i strongly don't agree. at least all my teachers are tops! as much as well, not only teacher but all other humans love money, being a teacher is a complete different business.

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  2. X'tina said...

    Thanks for the comment. Yup at least in St Joe we still have a bunch of top teachers and we hope and pray that it will always be that way. But the big problem is the good top teachers are retiring one by one and it is not easy for the younger teachers to control discipline what more to say in a all boys' school ..personally I felt that if there is no discipline in class it is very difficult for effective learning to take place .

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  4. Anonymous said...

    Academically-challenged "students" who are automatically promoted from primary 6 until form 5 have severly lowered the standard of education here.

    Today we have "students" who are AWOL for more than 100 out of the 198 schooldays, "students" who sleep during classes because they have to work after school, "students" who attend school not for studies but for relaxation...

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  6. X'tina said...

    Hi Anonymous,
    I totally agree with you.
    Yes, I also have students who are literally sleeping in my class but with 2 eyes wide open.
    Their minds are always far far away so from time to time I need to "bring them back" from their faraway world.
    Last few days I was just asking a student of mine who is selling lekor at Sunday Market and guess what he told me how much he and his family earns a week?? RM 2000+ a week just by working on Saturday and Sunday...What can I say as a teacher, my salary is so much less compared to his earnings!!!!
    Yup, students nowadays are playing so hard before school especially the afternoon session students so in the afternoon class - it is their "resting time" .
    We even come across teachers who woke them up in class and they got angry with the teachers for waking them up ...just imagine!!!!!

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  8. Anonymous said...

    i really think that some teachers
    (I'm not applying to all) are not that interested to be teachers. What I really think is that we should really like what we do and we will do it good.

    However, not many teachers are in love with their jobs and they are teachers most probably because they have no choice/ no money/ no good results or whatever reason whatsoever.
    And those who practically hate their jobs would just "makan duit".

    It's just so sad because an unproductive teacher will not bear good fruits, you know what I mean?

    But then again, students play very important role too, to listen and keep quiet, but we all know that children have short attention span, and it's up to the teachers to be creative with their methods of teaching that may attract the students.

    Here's my point of view. =)

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  10. Maverick SM said...

    My son told me that he did not score A because he did not buy those multi-level products from the lecturers. I didn't believe him and gave him $200 to buy. He scored As thereafter.

    It's magic and it works in University too. I had no comment.

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  12. X'tina said...

    Anonymous 2,
    That is the biggest problem we are facing in the Education Sytem in Malaysia now.. It is just like looking at 3 layer Teh-C-Peng

    1. The top cream - become doctors, architects, engineers
    2. The second layer cream become IT savy ppl
    3. The left over .. no where to go ppl - all end up as teachers.

    It is actually sad and scary to think of our next generation ...our grandsons or granddaughters to be taught by teachers like these. Unless we are rich enough to send them to international schools or else just have to bear with the whole system ...

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  14. X'tina said...

    Hi Maverick,
    Not bad at least u do get the value for your $$$ . Sometimes as parents we are in dilemma too. Apa Boleh buat....Malaysia Boleh and Malaysian lebih lagi Boleh...apa apa pun Boleh!!!!
    Luckily my 2 sons are not studying in public university or else I too will be in a dilemma like you cos I have heard quite a few similar stories like that in public universities.

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  16. Anonymous 2 said...

    yah!! I have to agree with you about the teh c peng!

    It's scary to think that our future generations will be taught by these group of teachers.
    But then again, we don't have the money to send our children to international schools with good quality.

    Non-government education is so expensive! My daughter is finishing Form 5 soon and she doesn't plan to do local education system. Next time, she would want to go overseas!!

    Can you imagine!! $$$
    Now I just have to pray that she sill do well and apply scholarship.

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  18. X'tina said...

    Hi Anonymous 2,
    All the best of luck to your daughter's coming SPM. I understand the anxiety that you have towards her SPM result because I have been through it twice .
    Moreover SPM is the real turning point for our kids. Most major Malaysian scholarships are available to them after SPM as compared to STPM.
    The is pros and cons about the scholarship. My elder son got the Petronas scholarship but he will be bonded to petronas for the next 10 years of his life.
    The younger one applied for JPA but was rejected even though he got 10A1 but an A2 for Sejarah. But he managed to get a 100% fees waived from Inti and now he is in UK after doing the free twinning diploma at Inti. And the best thing is, he also managed to get a 50% tuition fees waived from the UK university as scholarship.With scholarship like that he will not be bonded to anybody and will be more free to make his choices after graduating
    I wish and hope that your daughter will get scholarship but don't worry if there is a will, there is always a way even though we are not "Prince of the Land"

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  20. Anonymous said...

    I do feel that Malaysians need to pay a little more respect to the teaching profession and not consider it as a waste of talent if you are educated or a waste of the taxpayer's money if you are not educated (enough).
    I initially wanted to become a teacher after meeting so many amazing teachers (including you. although you never taught me before) in St Joe but due to its financial insecurity, I dropped the ambition (for now) and further my studies abroad under scholarship.
    I however, am absolutely positive and certain that once I get a car, a house and at least some savings in the bank for my family, I will become a teacher. Preferably a high school teacher, because I find this profession one of the most challenging and life changing (not only your own life but the students life as well) yet often underappreciated.
    To all the teachers in St Joe, I would just like to say being a high school teacher is one of the best occupation there is on earth. Not only you are there to grab the attention of students who are dying to get an A for their SPM, more importantly you are there to bring uninterested students into this beautiful world of education.
    Keep up the good work teacher.

    p/s sorry. i know this is not an english essay. i did not mean to write so long. it is just that this is something i am truly passionate about

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