So we all knew by now that 5 states have gone to the opposition. On the night when the results came out , I was glued to TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7 and also Channel News Asia to find out the results. But at the end the results were so slow and they kept showing the victory of BN in Sarawak and Sabah even though the Election Commission said that most of the results will be known by 10.30 pm.

Thanks to Sarawak Talk and Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin website which kept me updated nearly every 10 minutes with me pressing the refresh button like mad. Even NST online is faster than all those TV announcements. I tried to access Jeff Ooi website but is it a coincidence or what cos I just could not access his website the whole night. In addition to pressing the refresh button the whole night, I was also chatting online with son#1 about the election results.

Anyway, everything is over now for me at least. As I say whoever get elected will not affect me still goes on for me, still need to cari makan , still need to live my days ...but those elected have to remember what they have promised to the rakyat during the election campaigns or else next election the voters will bid you goodbye.

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