Tomorrow we, 11 half centurions and a teenager are going to fly over the sea from the tip of Borneo Island to the other tip...Kota Kinabalu. The journey was planned in October 2007 when my friend Mary was sitting down and "examining' the 2008 school calender and out of the blue like Christopher Columbus, she discovered that we will be have a long break starting from tomorrow ( Prophet Muhammad's birthday) till Easter Monday.
Hence we booked Air Asia( 12 tickets all in all) at the cost of RM149.99pp for a return trip. We have so much time in planning our trip that we even sent this message to the cows in KK, to kindly request them to get started running on treadmill in order for us to enjoy lean and muscular beef meatball mee :

It is sure going to be an enjoyable trip when you go travelling with all our close buddies. BTW, any recommendations of what to eat and visit while in KK?

Our tour itinerary includes:
Day 1. Arrive KK at 10.25 pm - programme - sleep
Day 2 Kinabalu National park and Poring Hot springs
Day 3: Manukan Island
Day 4: KK city tour and Shopping
Day 5: Last minute shopping then fly home

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    Anonymous said...

    First time to your blog. I am in Sibu. There are variety of foods in KK. No much problem getting what you want to eat.

  1. ... on 1:29 AM  
  2. audree said...

    Aiya teacher! If the holiday is longer, you can stay in Mount Kundasang for a night! It's really nice!!! The view and everything is breathtaking and can go hotspring too! =P

    hope u enjoy ur holiday!

  3. ... on 1:28 AM  
  4. Aleckii said...

    Wow! Amazing plan! We did that also with my family, 7 years ago. Manukan island back then was really a nice place, I even went snorkelling. Dunno about it now though, polution's going to take over the whole place sooner or later.

    Have fun!

  5. ... on 7:44 AM  
  6. Michael John Kon said...

    kk...wahseh, forum there...oooo....haha..

  7. ... on 3:46 PM  
  8. keeyit said...

    I went last year only with similar itenary as yours.. haha.. I din go to mount KK la..

  9. ... on 10:54 AM  
  10. X'tina said...

    True enough there is no problem in getting food while in Sabah.

    So you are in Adelaide oledi?, how is life there? Hope the pics of the food will not make you homesick hor!

    Manukan Island is still very nice , will blog about it in the next entry.

    Next forum there?? What forum is that?

    We didn't climb Mt Kinabalu too cos the time is too short, hopefully can walk up the mountain next trip there .

  11. ... on 10:43 PM  
  12. keeyit said...

    Filipino market sells things quite expensive one le..

  13. ... on 8:47 AM