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The phone rang and it was from my SIL telling me that my BIL had an accident and was at the emergency clinic in the General hospital.On the way to the hospital, me and my husband were very worried about my BIL because he was riding a motorbike and as you know motorbike does not give much protection to the rider. Moreover I am damn scared at the sight of blood which will make me faint.

When we reached there, we saw my BIL on the wheel chair with blood on his right foot.

The doctor asked for his foot to be x-rayed and thanks God , all the bones are intact and okay.

But the unluckiest thing is when he fell from his motorbike while hitting the Honda car was... his foot cut the bumper of the car and his sole was sliced apart by the bumper metal like the slipper below:

When you are soi (unlucky), you will be indeed be very soi lor cos of all the days, that afternoon all the hospital attendants involved are having a seminar. Hence he had to bear the pain for 2 hours and then another 2 more hours to stitch up that came off sole of his.....all in all 40+ stitches!!

( seminar in progress so the door was locked)

At the moment he is still on wheel chair and the pain he suffered everyday is terrible pain since the wound is from one side of the foot to the other side!!But he sure is a tough man... if me , I really don't know what I will do under those pains!!
And it will be months before he can walk on his 2 feet again.

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    Maverick SM said...

    It's an accident; not bad luck lah.

    Life's journey include pleasure and pain. There's always a good reason why an event happened and it's never due to "soi".

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  4. Eric said...

    Wah.. Gelik leh like that.

  5. ... on 5:50 PM