Finally the voting day is here. I am not excited about voting at all even though I will still go and cast my vote. Whoever wins will not makes any difference to me will still go on as usual.

If BN wins, every time when the ministers pass by us on the road , the sirens will still sound and we as citizens who lined up to vote for them will still need to give way to them even though they are in no hurry at all to get from place A to Place B.
All the $$$$$ they allocated for developments here and there, will never pass through my hands and eyes too.

If DAP wins, it means more noise in parliament meetings and next time around the governing party will be more scared of the voters.

Never mind , at the back of my mind , I already know who I will vote for when I go to my polling station at 10 am to vote using that delible ink.

Source: NST

Choose and Vote !!

Updated: Alamak....My polling station use pencil instead of ink.....

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    Helen said...

    Hey, you're in Kuching right?

    Yeah lor, they're letting us use blunt 2B pencils to mark our votes. I told my mother to be careful becos if you mark outside the box, it won't count. In the end, my mother brought along a ruler! lol

  1. ... on 6:21 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    Yup , I'm in Kuching. Haha..ur mum very cute serious about that "X" mark but it is good, at least her vote will not be a spoilt vote.

  3. ... on 8:55 PM