On Day 2 just before our dinner at Zen's restaurant which was very nicely decorated and with its super clean toilet and nice Chinese paintings:

We went to Kinabalu park .

All national park entrance in Sabah is RM3 per person which is known as conservation fees. It was drizzling and foggy at that time so not much to see around the park itself.

Our driver decided to drive all the way to the starting point where climbers climbed Mount Kinabalu. It was a very steep drive and visibility was very very poor at that time.

My 2 friends in the other car were praying real hard for our safety. At the end of the day it was very worth to visit since we saw happy people , an group of old Japanese , the one with the blue raincoat was 70+ years old, returning from the summit.

Notice at the checkpoint before the climb:

Saw a nice spider web:

After dinner we all retired to bed early ( At midnight) after a few session of black jack with bets of 10 sen per bet. We all slept with the hope of waking up early the next morning to see Mount Kinabalu before and after sunrise.

View of Mount Kinabalu from our resort ( Zen Resort) at 5 am

View at 5.30 am
View at 6 am

View at 7 am

View at 8 am taken by my artistic friend:

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    ehonchan.com said...

    cikgu, kenapa tengok kamera sampai begitu dekat?! lol!

    wahhh. so fun har u people!!

  1. ... on 3:14 PM  
  2. X'tina said...


    old ppl mar......hopefully by looking nearer will make us looks younger lor.

    Envy us kah?

  3. ... on 7:27 PM  
  4. Kelly said...

    Lots of nice photos!!!

  5. ... on 2:15 PM