Read in the newsapaper that a RM625 annual subsidy for every private car owner (2000 cc and below)in lieu of govt subsidised fuel at the pump!

Oh, this is so beautiful, We have 2 cars going the same route everyday, my 20 year-old Proton Iswara ( lucky I didn't sell it off when I buy my Proton Wira) and another Proton Wira Aeroback so by simple calculation, I will get back RM 1350 next year for my fuel subsidy.

Now, what if I go out and buy another 5 old junk cars like the above of less than RM 800 each and get the pink card ( no more green card mah..) to be transferred to my name..that will be RM 4 000. With third party car insurance of RM 60 per year per car is RM 300 for all the 5 cars .Road tax RM 60 per car is RM 300 for all the 5 old cars . So total initial costs is RM 4 600

So if one car I get back RM 625 as fuel subsidy per car, 5 cars I should get back RM 3125 for the first year, then by second year I will get back RM 6250, a net profit of RM 1660...which can furthered subsidised my petrol to work liao..


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    Maverick SM said...

    That's a great idea; I'll do the same.. can make some money!!!

  1. ... on 6:13 PM  
  2. X'tina said...


    Come we quick quick grasp all those junk cars with pink cards and can transfer ownership one fast fast before other people..MUAHAHA

  3. ... on 7:14 PM  
  4. Eric said...

    Nice theory.

    But hor, where are we going to keep all the cars?

    Takkan lah use them to build benteng around the house..

  5. ... on 8:27 PM  
  6. berthelomew said...

    hello there pn. x'tina kong. ^^
    just read your bLog. It is a cool idea of yours to count that. Eventhough my maths result in SPM is A1(hehehee), I never think about it. Hahaha..Well, have fun in St. Jo. ^^

  7. ... on 2:52 AM  
  8. X'tina said...

    Welcome to my blog..."rolling red carpet"
    I Maths teacher can calculate...LOL

  9. ... on 6:42 PM