Last Saturday I drove alone to Green Heights Mall since Senior Sim went to Bau for Sports Training

brand new Cold Storage Supermarket to look for some nice imported food for myself , but I was so disappointed cos the things there are Xtra xtra expensive and in the end i just bought 3 pizza bread for RM 2.99 ( special offer to attract customers) and roasted chicken @ RM 9.99. Other than that all the other things are very expensive indeed.
So after the weekend we went to The Spring to look for some more food. Ta...ta...I manage to get lots of sugar free food for myself
...See what I have bought:

This is a super new product, peanuts free peanut butter made from soy bean, not as nice as the original peanut butter but much healthier.

Read for yourself how healthy it is: if eat like this, can live up to 100 years old and by then all my contacts in my Handphone had all gone to another world and only left me here.....

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    wahahahaha! don't u love the spring? u can find quite a handful of stuff from australia in tai kiong actually. i felt like i was in australia when i was in tai kiong earlier this year, of course with the exceptions of some chinese products and lots of black head instead of red/white heads. :D

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