Labuan is a heaven for chocolate, liqueur and cigarettes lover. I love chocolates( once upon a time) and liqueur (not those Martell, XO, Chivas, or even Hennessy) too. In Labuan you will be literally drowned in sea of chocolates and pool of liqueur.

Tai Seng Duty Free shop:

But the sad thing is you have money , you have sea of chocolates around you but you couldn't find the chocolates that you can eat!!

It was not until I ask the cashier about sugar free chocolates, then I found this.....yummy yummy chocolates for Hershey somemore and they only manufacture 2 types of sugar free chocolate with low calories ( 30 calories per piece)

Price: RM 9.90
Price: RM 9.90

Price: RM 12
now at least I too can enjoy CHOCOLATES!!

What else did I buy?

okay while in Labuan , I introduced this delicious and yummy liqueur to my relatives

It is real yummy , even the aicohol content is 17% but the minty chocolate flavour clouded up all that alcohol content. My fool-chow relatives there, all fell in love with this Baileys liqueur and snatched up all those liqueur in their next day shopping. In Labuan it is sold at RM 55 per bottle, RM 78 at Labuan airport and RM 81 at Kota Kinabalu airport.

I got myself this flavour before I realised that Bailey has Mint flavour too.

RM 48

RM 42, another yummy liqueur with Lychee flavour

Shortbread: my favourite at Rm 6.50

Macadamia shortbread @Rm 9.50

Chocolates for my friends back at home: ( melted on my journey home after being in the car boot for too long!!)

My husband's favourite:
2 litres of red wine @ RM 26. The packing is in plastic inside, resemble those bags of blood for donation and it comes with a plastic pipe too for dispensing the wine,so very easy for transport and no need to worry about broken bottles too.

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