We went for a dimsum buffet in colaboration of Father Day's celebration at Hai Tin Lau (海 天 楼) Restaurant. This is not only celebrating Father's Day but also celebrating my "beautiful" blood glucose reading of 5.1, 5.5, 5.6 , for the whole of last month and also the first week of June. ( FYI, I haven't started on any western medication yet, I am still going on alternative medicine like petai, misai kucing , bittergourd and guava...+ diet control and exercises, of cos)

The dimsim is @RM 13.80+ per person. As we are getting old , no matter how much we eat we still kalah that value of RM 13.80.

Chicken char siew bun

Siew Mai made from lots of prawns:

Fish ball

Soup dumpling
chicken feet
Pan Fry Chinese Dumpling

Cheong Fun

See ...we order so much for 5 of us, ( me, husband. 2 SIL and my BIL )

Nice pictures on the wall, people buy expensive expensive, I just need to take the photos and can equally appreciate them at my own leisure time..Muahaha...

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    ehonchan.com said...

    WAH LAU!! 7 early 8 early wake up read your blog makes me super hungry now..!! aiseh, new layout eh. this one nicer i reckon.

  1. ... on 9:20 AM  
  2. X'tina said...

    The whole purpose of writing this blog is to make you all (overseas people especially) who read my blog salivate and miss food back home in Malaysia mah...MUAHAHA
    Thanks for saying the new template is nice,,if not nice I will not have chosen it....(roll eyes!!)

  3. ... on 10:04 AM