Labuan is quite a clean but small town where only chocolates, cigarettes and alcohol are very very cheap. - Carlsbergs are sold at RM 9.50 for 6 tins , imported Cadbury bars are sold at RM 8.50 per bar and 5 litres of Peter Vella deliciously red wine are sold at RM 38 only and 10 packets of Era cigarettes are sold at RM 9.

Some of the more popular and reasonably priced duty free shops in Labuan:

Sky Mart at jetty terminal. Very good business here and customers need to queue up to pay. It opens at 8 am every morning.

Another popular duty free shop, Tai Seng where on request it does give discount on liquor:

Funny name ...moneygain for the shop so moneyloss for customers....

Labuan's town one and only roundabout. That may be the reason why they can afford to keep changing the flowers and also make sure the flowers grow very well all year round.

Colorful building there....looks like Jotun shops hor....but NO, it is Labuan Custom Building.
Pasar Tamu on Saturday and Sunday

Labuan is famous for fish, so they have this at the Town's only roundabout
and another one at the airport roundabout...

Another one at Kampung Penyu, found on our way from Menumbok to Kota Kinabalu:

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