These are pictures of the food that we enjoyed while in Labuan.
These delicacies are from the Golf Field Restaurant, Labuan.

Signature dish: Fried Taufu:

cangkok manis:
Sweet and sour pork:
Ku-lu pork:
Fresh fish steamed Teochew style
Total bill: RM 179

By the way labuan has lots of fresh seafood, these pictures are taken at Labuan market:

Fisherman just came back from the sea:

Fresh lobster@ Rm 70 per kilo:

This is Hotel Pulau Labuan Hotel No. 2 where we stayed for 2 nights st RM 108 per roomper night with breakfast for one only( funny hor?? 2 persons, but 1 breakfast) and the funniest thing is ..for breakfast we need to walk to Pulau Labuan Hotel No. 1to eat.

Buffet breakfast at RM 10 per person at hotel Pulau Labuan 2:

Hotel Pulau Labuan No.2 restaurant is famous for cheap Chinese food according to bloggers on internet but I personally don't find the Chinese food here cheap at all.But it seems that most of the Chinese wedding dinners in Labuan are held here.

RM 420 per it is not cheap , right?

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