Have a nice feast of Labuan's famous satay, sayap, coconut and mee soto near the Layang Layangan Peace Park. The foodstalls here only opened on weekends.

We then stopped at Layang-Layangan Peace Park and the Japanese Surrender Point.


The Peace park was constructed to symbolize the promise of peace and harmony for all mankind.

Adjacent to the Peace Park is the surrender point where the 32nd Japanese Southern Army surrendered to the 9th Division Australian Imperial Forces which led to the end of World War ll in Borneo.

Then we proceeded to the Labuan War Cemetery, a beautifully landscaped memorial garden.This is the final resting place of 3,905 war heroes who died in Borneo during second world war. Row upon row of white headstones mark the graves of the War dead.

Visitors to Labuan War Cemetery can refer to panels where the name of every soldier who is interned here appears. Many of the stones bear poignant messages from families while others are inscribed simply "Known Unto God"

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