Last week I was asked by the school authority to act as Penyelia Petang for a week since our Penyelia Petang went for his PTK course in Miri. Oh Boy!! it is a tough week for me because on top of looking after the overall discipline of the whole afternoon session, I still have my own full load of lessons to teach. I personally found that it is so much more difficult to control the students now then it was 4 years ago when I acted as Penyelia Petang for a year and half.

The most dreaded part is the afternoon assembly where all the students were to gather in the school stadium to read story books while waiting for the morning classes to dismiss since there is serious classroom shortage in our school .

The BIG problem is students nowadays love to shout and boo at every single comments and happenings around them . As a zero tolerance being, I just can't take those shouting and "booings". During those 4 days of assembly I did away with singing patriotic songs and even praying. I personally think that if there is no discipline: singing 1001 patriotic songs and praying 101 prayers is just down the drains. I prefer the students to sit down after reading and then dismiss them orderly class by class. On the first day, I warned them not to shout or boo while going out...One of the 2G students tried me by shouting on the way out, I caught him and walloped him up in front of his class and after that for 3 days he had to sit right in front of the stadium and then left the stadium together with me after assembly.

Second day another group of 2D boys tried me out by shouting loudly when they were outside the stadium. These group was caught and identified too and walloped up in their class right after assembly. Third day and fourth day the students knew that I really meant business and kept quiet and walked out of the stadium quietly and orderly after the assembly.

Last Monday there was this heavy rain after school hence on Tuesday a big group of students wore slippers to school on the excuse that their shoes are wet. As the school rules say that students should wear white shoes as part of their school uniform. I gave them 2 choices:

1. rang up their parents to send their white shoes over OR
2. leave the slippers in the staffroom to go bare footed for the day

I know it sounds a bit cruel but it works because the second day (even though it rains in Tuesday after school too) all came in white shoes and no more slippers!!

Over the years, I also found out that the best way to punish noisy and naughty class is to detain them after school ( of course we need to warn them first before detaining them) No need to detain them for long.. 5 - 10 minutes after school is enough to see the effects at least for the next few days or so...

Another interesting incident was, on Friday 2 students from 2F class came to report that one of the students in the class brought Game boy to school. I went in the class and asked the boys to surrender the Game Boy to me. He denied that that he had the Game boy. To Kingdom come he denied and denied . I searched his bag, his good friend's bag but couldn't find any Game Boy with him. At that time my mind was working fast...very fast on how to make him to surrender that Game Boy to me since the whole incident was happening in front of his class and I didn't want to give up searching.

Then it struck me to ask him to surrender to me then I will give him back next Monday ( after confiscating it for the weekend) then ta...ta straight away he said "true kah teacher ? "

And you know where he hid the Game the front part of his school pants which he knew very well that I would never touch when I checked him...

Personally I really dread to deal with the overall discipline like this. it is not good for health especially my blood pressure and even the sugar level....I guess all these readings do go up super high when we are angry...but when orders come... we just have to obey and carry out our duties.....

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    actually that guy stupid lar. :P we used to bring liquid paper etc too, and when spotcheck, we normally put them in a black plastic bag and put it in the bin. :D

    luckily u never wallop me. see!! i was a good student mann!!

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  2. X'tina said...

    Thanks for telling me that "secret". all are much better than the students we have now.

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  4. I'm Choonie. said...

    Wow... I seldom see teacher like you now. We need more teachers like you. It is really very depressing after the wallopping, punishing, detaining, etc sessions. Sometimes, you feel like punishing them as if you are punishing yourself. *sigh* Yet I signed up to serve till 58.

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  6. X'tina said...

    It may be because of my own educational background ( since I came from a mission school) and also having been teaching in an all Boys Mission school for the last 18 years, that makes me such a teacher.

    As a teacher we need the 3F - Fair, Friendly, and Firm. I believe that sometimes to be kind, we have to be strict. We punish the students so that they will realise their mistakes and avoid them and change for the better.

    Haha..I opted for 56 cos I am afraid by 58 I will be too "lau-kok-kok" to even walk to the class what more to discipline students.

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  8. I'm Choonie. said...

    Nope.. I dun think you will be lau-kok-kok. hahaha... I came from mission school too and I always want to serve at my own school. But so far, I dun get the chance and I am happy teaching at this school. Teaching the Form 6 students are so much fun than the lower form.

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  10. norman goh said...

    Life is tough..but being a teacher is noble. You can definitely handle it teacher. But it's ok lah, your horrific week is over...

    I terpaksa let the 4H boys to sleep in the class during Science cause I have no idea to keep them awake during Science class.. Only those who listens. Rather than getting angry and shouting at them... But I really hope they listen, exams are coming soon.

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  12. 5B07 said...

    Your discipline had brought us to realise a lot of things which we never did back then teacher...

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  14. X'tina said...

    Nice to know that you like and enjoy teaching the Form 6, maybe because F6 are more mature and value education more than those smaller kids in the lower secondary.
    Keep it up, Choonie cos interest can aspire us higher and higher in our achievement as teacher.

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  16. X'tina said...

    Nice to hear that. Actually as teachers we all like to be friendly, firm and fair to all our students but when circumstances arise, we can either choose to close one eye or open both eyes.

    Most of the time we choose to open both eyes ( which is usually the harder way) in order to impart moral and discipline values to you all.

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  18. X'tina said...


    Yup, agree with you that teaching is noble but it is getting tougher each year with the newer generation kids.
    I am glad that I have survived for 28 years oredi , so just 5 more short years to go.

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  20. SilentRip™ said...

    Nicely done teacher! Good disciplinary tactics.

    How unfortunate it doesn't work well with your health

    I'm grateful to have been taught by you before teacher! Thank you ^P


    P.s: Don't read my blog teacher ;) especially the earliest edition

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  22. Joanne Lim said...

    Pn Christina~!

    Honestly, I don't think I've ever met a teacher like you. I mean with such patience. Thanks for everything esp being there for us when we needed you. All the best!

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  24. ivanna said...

    hello! Your blog is co cute la! I miss Kuching a lot. I even miss church. Here, we go to a protestant church. It's kinda boring.

  25. ... on 6:30 PM  
  26. X'tina said...

    Haha,that is parts and parcels of my vocation as a teacher.

    Hi.."wave, wave" are u in Russia? Cold or not there? Want me to send Kuching laksa, popiah , let's see what else hor...kolo mee, siaw mi....Hock Hai Big Pau...over to you by DHL ??? Sorry if I have made you miss Kuching more after reading this comment hor....

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  28. Eric said...

    Wow, the Form Two students are learning fast from their seniors. =p

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  30. ivanna said...

    Aiyo...I'm not in Russia yet la...i decided to change my uni to moscow medical academy and their intake is in September so now I'm in Penang doing pre med so when I go to Russia I'll go to first year right away...I'll be back for a weekend end of this course finishes on the merdeka day weekend and I'll only be in kch for 3 weeks before flying to I still get to eat kch food! haha...kch food is way nicer than penang food no matter what others say...

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  32. Sern Khuan said...

    what an experience, teacher =P i really commend you for going through this all the time..and yes you do alot of work as it is maintainin discipling w/o the extra 'penyelia' burden added on.

    here are some of the other tricks which you might not know of (might be practised w/o ur knowledge =P)

    -Slim objects like CDs or DvDs can easily be slipped behind notice board, white board, books or glued/stick under chairs or tables.
    -Other places include the trolley, curtains, above the projector and speaker or even the metal cabinet.
    -There are some with access to 'exclusive' immunity places such as RC clinic, Band, St.John, Scouts and Cadet rooms which are only checked after receiving tips.
    -Others may even resort to throwing things out of the classroom like liquid papers which can 'survive' the fall.

    haha of course those 'places' are for special cases like tips from students and/or dangerous materials like cigarettes, gum or even drugs..and even so, your 'mini army' of prefects can always get the job done faster =)

    all the best and thank you for your commitment to the betterment of our school =) discipline in the morning is still a far cry from that in the afternoon even with a comparably 'big army' ^^

    sern khuan

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  34. X'tina said...

    Sern Khuan,

    Thanks a lot for those tips, actually they can hide their "things" anywhere. I do know that they are hiding and keeping their hp and other things in those rooms as you mentioned. Now even the Form Six are hiding things in their cars.
    Too bad that we just have to be the bad guys while some "nicer" teachers will even keep things esp. hps for students.
    What to do, that is our duty..that is why I prefer to retire at 56 rather than 58.

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