So what are these Rescue 999 doing in my house and on my roof top? is because of this wasp nest that we only realised because it cannot be seen from our house but was seen by my BIL who is living next door.

We waited till our trip back from Miri then we went to the Rescue 999 centre to seek their help by showing them the photo that I had taken. They estimated the size and asked us to buy 5 tins of Red Ridsect because according to them the Red colour type is more effective in killing the wasps. With the Ridsect bought we waited for them to come and punctually they turned up to help us to eliminate the wasps' nest.

Only after that they found out that it is an empty nest for maybe the queen wasp has died

Nice design and pattern on the nest hor....
so now I am stuck with 5 tins of Ridsect or is it 3..... after giving 2 to the rescue 999 man. What a false alarm ....wasps wasps next time you already move house you either sms , or msn or ym or leave a msg on facebook lah!!

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