My friend found this new cafe and sms-ed me to go for lunch yesterday. Actually I saw this cafe a few times already with lots of cars parked outside the house next to ING insurance at Rubber Road, that is opposite Ting Pek King's Original Carwash. Being alone I never dared to go in and try, so when my friend asked me , without thinking I replied her sms - ON.

Nice air conditioned atmosphere inside and a lot of tables are reserved already meaning that business is good here.

We ordered quite a few dishes to try out even though there was only 3 of us.

Indian Rojak( RM 4) Nice but portion is small.

Penang Laksa ( RM 4.50). Very tasty and the fish used is very fresh with lots of onions, yummy.

Nasi Bryani with honeyed chicken ( RM 6.50) . The Indian smell in the rice is pretty strong. This is also the chef recommendation of the day.

Nasi Bryani with curry chicken ( RM 6.50)

Murtabak ( RM 4) Nice beefy taste.

They also have toast so it will be a good place to go for breakfast too.

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