After Hong Kong Ocean Park, Ladies street and dinner we crossed the Hong Kong Border and reentered Shenzhen border which is just an hour journey away including the Immigration clearance at both sides. Since we were travelling on group visa , clearance was pretty fast but the only funny thing is our passport were not stamped at all so how how we to account on the 2 unstamped day at Hone Kong? if somebody checked our passport thoroughly that may think we had been abducted by the aliens for 2 days....We rechecked back into the Holiday Inn Express Hotel Shenzhen which everyone in our tour like and slept well.We just love those rib boned pillows and bed sheet. and the semi transparent bathroom.

The next morning after the early morning call we had our breakfast and then off we go with our luggage in the tour bus to Shenzhen famous Window of the World.

It has all the replica of the famous wonders, historical heritages and famous scenic sites. The entire masterpiece is built at ratios of 1:1, 1:5 or 1:15. It make me wonder do China need to get copyright to do all these replicas of the world? Someone told me no need to get copyright but just need to get permission.True or not , I don't know.

As usual to save time and to prevent the missing member of our group, the tour leader suggested that we all took the small train ( RMB 20 per pax)to go around the park and we only stopped at certain strategic spots to take photos but we only stopped for a mere 5 minutes!! We really rushed through the whole park missing my favourite Japanese Garden!!

So all these are replicas of the world's wonder :

There I was in 'Egypt'

We continued our journey to different world's wonders:

In 'Niagara Fall'

In 'Holland'
In 'UK'....
In 'Italy'.... leaning tower of Pisa

We even took the 2 level lift( RMB 20 per pax) to go up the 'Eiffel Tower'

These are the views from the tower:

After the 'Eiffel Tower, we rushed our way to find 'USA' since we only have 15 minutes left on the Park...

We found people selling 'lycees in the Park , then we saw lots of lycees trees in the park.

Some more of 'USA'

'Easter Island'

'Statue of Liberty'

They even has this too:

Lunch time:

After lunch we proceeded to Guangzhou since our Air Asia flight back to KL is from Guangzhou
. On the way our tour guide 'smuggled' us to a Bee Farm which is not on our itinerary at all. Just because we turned down his night optional cruise of Pearl River at RMB 200 per pax , he took us to this farm to earn extra commission. Even though he said this is required by Chinese government but we do feel that a lot of this side shopping is their own doing just to earn commission.

At the bee farm where many of our group bought pollens which are extraordinary big and looks suspicious to a science teacher like me. And also those royal jelly...I only see a few small bees around but I do saw lots of royal jelly in the bottles for sale and that equals = ?????

Never mind about that, because people need earn $$ to survive, right?

Nothing much to see in Guangzhou, except this:

still using the traditional weighing method:

Look at the fan cover...used to cool chestnut, chinese people are really frugal:

Dinner time:

This is the dinner in Guangzhou that made many of us having stomach air and diarrhoea. My tour mates when went to the restaurant toilet nearly vomitted so we suspected taht teh food were not prepared hygienically:

After dinner we went shopping at Shangxia Jiu Lu Pedestrian Street for our final shopping. I bought 2 shirts from there cheap cheap ..our $$ only RM 19 where I saw exactly the same shirt sold in Miri for RM 75

After a very rushed shopping, we checked into Rosedale Hotel, Guangzhou

and we are given a suite like this:

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