Nowadays I observe that parents are sending their kids for many tuition be it science, Mathematics , English or Bahasa Malaysia. And many parents are complaining that sending and picking the kids up are big problem especially when both parents are working. some of them are luckier to have their grandparents to help up in transporting and picking the kids from the tuition centres.

Because of this many tuition centres are going online. They have online tutors offering free online tutoring. I noticed that they also offer online Maths tutor for maths help and maths problem solver.

Even though they are well covered academically but I still personally think that- personal touch of Maths tutors are very important . Interaction with the Maths tutor online is very important to help the kids to improve their Mathematics .The children must also be very disciplined if they are to take Maths tuition online . Anyway this is good food for thought for our new generation kids.

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