I was back in Tanjong Lobang College, Miri aka Kolej Tun Hj Bujang Miri last weekend after leaving the place in 1977 that was 33 years ago.

I attended my Form 6 in this college. Life was hard...very hard then. No allowance from home or from anybody, surviving on the hostel food where they cooked super hard rice for us then but they do gave out biscuits and tea at night as nightcap.

What a great diffrence the College has become after 33 years! The nice row of trees is still there but not as many trees as years back. I asked the security guard about the famous cliff (where I and my friends always go to to shout to release tensions after studying for hours and hours) is gone.

I still remember when I was there, during weekend we always climbed down the cliff to go to a beach where there was a Japanese warship which can be seen at low tide. But everytime we went there we had to be back before the tide rises or else we would be stranded. Sometimes we also go the other way to enjoy Luak Bay which is now private property.

This place has really changed and so have I !!

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