On the way to Shenzhen, splendid of China we stopped at 2 places in Zhongsan:

Sun Wen Garden aka Zhongsan Park built in honour of Sun Yat-sen, better-known in Chinese as Sun Zhongshan, who is considered by many to be the "Father of modern China". Currently there are more than 40 Zhongshan Parks in China, and some in oversea areas. Zhongsan being his birth place.

Zhongshan Zhan's Garden, with another name as Zhongshan Da Zhai Men (a big house in old-style), is located at Beitai in the Southern District of Zhongshan City and also the largest private garden in classical-style in southern area at present.

Zhan's Garden, designed by the owner, Huang Yuanxin and built by hundreds of skilled craft men in gardening from all over the country, covers about one hectare and took 5 years to finish the construction.

The garden was built to provide a quiet and comfortable place with elegant environment for his mother, Ms. Zhan. Moreover, the early Zhan's Garden, today's backyard was the place where Ms. Zhan enjoyed her living with her family, and the utensils has still remained the same even since Ms. Zhan moved away. .

Built in 1998, it is the largest private garden in southern China. About 100 craftsmen was employed from Suzhou and worked for this garden more than five years. The park is based on the style of Suzhou gardens and also referred to traditional Chinese and western architecture style.

After the visit, I was thinking Huang Yuanxin must be a crazy rich man by building such a super huge dwelling place for his mum as a sign of being filial. We were wondering is it happiness to stay in such huge house compound or it is a big burden to keep that big compound

Next stop at Zhongsan is to fill our hungry stomach......lunch time:

After lunch we proceed on our journey to Shenzhen Splendid of China where all buildings are scaled down replicas of China's historical buildings, wonderful scenes and folk customs. The scale models are in the main in a ratio of 1:15 and the exhibits are positioned to replicate their geographical locations.

Here you can see replicas of many of the most famous Chinese buildings and landmarks and a great deal of attention has been paid to detail so as to ensure the miniatures truly represent their originals.

Admission Fee: RMB 120 (including the ticket for China Folk Culture Village)


After going round the park on train, we went on see the horse show:

Next on the agenda is cultural show in the theatre:

Then we went out for our dinner at a nearby restaurant for dinner:

After dinner we went back to the Splendid Of China for the second open air but shaded cultural show which is so wonderfully done that we practically do not have enough eyes to digest and see everything.

After an eventful day we finally head for our hotel, Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Shenzhen. Everybody in my group likethis hotel and also its breakfast.
Bed for my big baby:

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