I send back my Sony DSC -T300 for repair again!! It vibrated non stop when I reached Hong Kong on the 1st June 2010. With my eyes looking at the beautiful scenery but I just can't captured it on my screen. This has happen before before my warranty expired last year. They just lubricated the lens when I send back for repair last year. After coming back from Hong Kong I emailed Sony Customer service with all my camera model number and particulars but up to today (after 2 weeks) I still do not have a single reply from them......

I search the internet and found that T300 do have a vibrating problem. I brought it to one of the shop in Miri Bintang Mall and the Sony man told me that it can be fixed by bringing it to the Sony Service centre in Piasau and the friendly man told me that it will not cost me much even though the warranty has expired. Hearing him saying that, I felt assured and happy, at least my expensive camera can be fixed .

Since I need to be back to Kuching I thought that I can have it done in Kuching since Kuching is the capital city of Sarawak so service should be better. I brought the camera to Kuching Sony authorised Service centre( the only one in Kuching) and the lady at the centre told me that they can only lubricate it like what they have done last year. I told her that over the internet they say something is wrong with the manufacturing just like Sony DSC T20 where now Sony offers free extended repair till 2011.

Looks like whatever I told them are falling on deaf or is it dead ears!! This morning I got a call from the service centre telling me that my camera is ready...I was thinking arrrh...so fast??
True enough when I collected the camera , the Sony technician ( a man) who is not so friendly told me that in Kuching they cannot do anything except lubricate the lens and that costs me RM 50 with warranty of 3 months. When I told him what I read on the internet about vibrating Sony DSC T300, he told me he is not an engineer!!!Doesn't Sony send their technician for courses??

He asked me to test the camera but how to test? For the vibrating problem will only come when you go travelling and taking photos continously then it will start to vibrate non stop ( just like the vibration in the mobile phone). My son told me I have bought a vibrator instead of a camera.

I really regret for buying this Sony DSC T300 ( for RM 1400). This vibrating problem has been happening so many times already on my trip abroad!! Now even if I want to change camera , I am stuck with 16 Gig memory card and one spare battery for that vibrating camera for I will never ever buy any more Sony camera in this life!! Poor customer service is one reason, lousy camera is another reason and slow to admit their fault is another reason!!

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    Anonymous said...

    same problem I call Sony today and they said for only 171.91 they can bring it back to factory spec. So pissed. On the other hand I received a fix for a former Sony tec guy with pictures to repair it myself. just google it. He was nice to send me pics. For that amount of cash I'm willing to try it. Really sad Sony has turned into a POS company like the so many others.

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  2. Anonymous said...

    Sony is the worst - the absolute worst - digital camera I have ever bought!!!

    I have read many reviews complaining about this "vibrating camera". And yet, Sony is reluctant to fix the problem. (If you ask me, I think they are just being cheapskates since the economy is so bad...) Apparantly, the DSC-T300 was suppose to replace the T20. AND, THEY BOTH STILL VIBRATE!!!

    This bugs the shit out of me - I can't even stand to have my cell phone on vibrate much less my fuckin camera! (Which, by the way, Sony had the balls to boast "Super Steady Shot" printed on these crappy cameras.)

    I am so mad that I bought my father this piece of shit! We've always thought that Sony was a great brand that carried only the best electronics on the market. Fuck that. Their customer service only confirms the poorly assembled cheap products they make. (My kid has the toddler's crayola digital camera that's been dropped, thrown, tossed, kicked, left in the sun, and abused in more ways than one. Yet, it takes pictures that you can upload onto the computer. Although the photos aren't the best quality because it's got like 1 megapixel, HER CAMERA DOESN'T FUCKING VIBRATE!!!)

    I'm gonna get rid of this piece of shit by selling it. And, when I do, good riddence to Sony because I certainly won't be purchasing any other electronics from them!!!

    BTW, for anyone with some balls (and a steady pair of hands), try to fix the vibrating problem yourself by following these guys' instructions: http://www.fixya.com/support/t4403145-sony_dsc_300_digital_camera_contunually

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  4. Anonymous said...

    I have this same issue with my camera! I just had it sent in to Sony for repairs, but after reading your post about how they only lubricated the lens, I'm a little hesitant that the vibrating will eventually come back. I'm so sad since I really really like this camera!

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  6. Alizeth said...

    After all the trying, were were you able to solve the problem?
    I have the same issue. I've starring the camera over almost 2 years and I get really mad about it. I don't know if I buy a new lens is going to happen again. I don't want to lose any more penny on sony.

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  18. Sridhar said...

    You are absolutely correct. The same is my case also. My Dsc T300 also vibrates continously. No solution for it till.

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