Zhuhai is just a walk away from Macau after the Macau Immigration . It is a much smaller town as compared to Shenzhen. Our first stop after meeting our tour guide, Kenny is the Shijingshan Park to see the view of Zhuhai from a hill top via cable car at RMB 20 per person for a return journey where the downhill way we can choose cable car or the roller coaster type of vehicle to go downhill

Nothing much to see or do at the hilltop , exactly we don't intend
to go up the hill but before we say NO the tour guide already purchased our ticket so what to do...maybe he want to get his commission lor.

Next stop: Fish Girl sculpture

Lovers' Road

My stupid Sony DSC-T300 broke down again...It vibrated non stop ...so frustrating...so didn't take much photos here! Luckily I brought a Nikon coolpix along as backup.

Dinner time:

Here we watch the chef coking fresh abalone:

We side order fresh abalone at RMB 38 per piece. Not bad the price for fresh abalone

When this dish came out , it was delicious so we started to enjoy it but then while eating, suddenly the waitress came out and told us that we only had 8 of us so we were not entitled for the extra one so she took away the extra one and put it on the another side table????? actually we had already consumed an extra one since at first there are 10 there...and the funny thing is she just left the one she took away from us w/o covering it or what...we thought maybe she want to enjoy eating it herself when we left...

After dinner we checked into 4* Jumbo Hotel where the bell boys are just like scavengers , scavenging for our luggage when our bus arrived at the hotel.When we want to took the luggage back from them , the bell boys simply refused us ...what a very bad first impression on the hotel. why they scavenge for our luggage cos they all already had a list of our room number before hand so they would send it room by room and then demanding tips of at least RMB 20 per luggage. hence we asked our tour guide to settle for us cos it is easier for local to talk to local. Thus in the end the luggage was sent to our room w/o us paying those rude bell boys a single cent!!

Jumbo Hotel is only a so so hotel with very dim room and dimmed restaurant with not that good breakfast ....excuse given is they caters for Taiwanese tourists so what the Taiwanese eat is different from us...not quite true le!

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