Algebra is something that my F2 students have big problem with. They cannot understand why we never write 1x but instead we write x which means when the coefficient is 1 we never write it.

Another area of common mistake is x+x , they tend to get confused with x X x which is x square.

Another area of difficulty is (2x +4) /8 and (2xX4) /8

Solving linear equation is even more difficult for them to comprehend especially when you have unknown on both sides of the equation 4y +10 = 2y - 4

Over the Internet there is a lot of help for Algebra explaining the common mistakes made by students like this Paul's Online notes that explain clearly common mistakes made by students.

Beside this page there are many others like online help in Algebra 1 which covers topics like
(for students of Grade 8, 9 and 10 ) like Exponents, Linear Equations, ratios, Real and complex numbers, quadratic formulae, Radicals, Polynomials and functions.

There is help for Algebra 2 which covers topics from Quadratic Equations to Quadratic Functions from Linear Equations to Polynomial functions, sequences and series, relations and functions and factorisation.

They offer Algebra 1 help, answers and problems and also Algebra 2 help , answers and problems.

Do check them out if you too have algebraic problems.

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