Wake up early, check out from 'L' Hotel, to beat the traffic jam. For breakfast we are eating the famous Hong Kong Dim Sum.

Maize porridge:

har kaw with real fresh big prawn inside:

Char siaw pau

Carrot cake

Fried popiah:

After breakfast we have a full day schedule ahead of us...pitiful thing is it rains and the wind is very strong....

Next: Repulse Bay.

from Repulse Bay we can see Jackie Chan's house:

Repulse Bay is the home of Kong Kong rich and famous. There is free wireless connection right from the beach to the washrooms!

Next: Victoria Peak.We reached Victoria Peak after crossing the Cross Harbour Under Sea tunnel. We reached the top of the peak but too bad the rainy weather spoil everything because we only experience super strong wind and misty view at the peak.

We are supposed to see view like this:

But we saw this from the photo:

and this is what we actually see......

Next stop :Lunch

After lunch we went to JC ( Jackie Chan) jewellery shop where we saw the world biggest amythyst geode with its weight of 1239kg!!

Next place:Hong Kong Ocean Park

We reached there quite late because of the extra time spent at JC jewellery. hence only have 3 hours or so for the whole park.We wanted to use cable car to go up the hill but unluckily because of the rain, the cable car service was suspended so we need to go up by the ocean express train.

Sea jelly spectacular:

Next stop: Dophins and sea lion show time:

Roller coaster that we can see only but cannot play due to weather and time constraint. 3 hours for the whole park is really really not enough!! You need at least half a day there to enjoy the whole park.

Ladies street @ Hong Kong:
After rushing through Ocean Park we landed at Ladies street. First thing we tried is the smelly Tauhu where the smell can be smelled( Like the duck's intestine smell) a few streets away but nevertheless we still try it

This guai-lin-guo costs me HK$50 (RM 25)

How to survive in Hong Kong?? Things are so so expensive there!!! The tour guide told us that the pensioner are receiving HK$1000 a month which is only enough for them to buy fruits to eat!!!If we are not following tour , we will be burning a big big hole in our pocket for food, accomodation and entrance fees to Disneyland and Ocean Park!!

Last thing we do in Hong Kong before leaving for Shenzhen-dinner

When we reached Shenzhen one more thing we do before we checked into Holiday Unn Express Hotel shenzhen - shopping at Dong Men street. Nothing to buy there in Dong Men street , moreover after hearing so much about the Mainland Chinese tend to change your money to fake money during the transaction of goods, we are quite wary so we tried not to shop too much unless necessary and also from reliable shops like 7 eleven and Watson
Cute doggie I saw at one of the shop at Dong Men street. It pose for me when I took the photo but when the flash light hits its eye, it started to bark fiercely at me!!!

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