Left Shenzhen after breakfast for Hong Kong. After reaching the Shenzhen border there was a huge crowd being Children Day that day but the Immigration Dept is super efficient so long queue is cleared within 30 minutes. After the China Border we boarded the bus again and reach the Hong kong border. again , clearance is quite fast. the bus brought us to "L" Hotel we check in and dropped our luggage there before we head onto Hong Kong Disneyland .

View from my room:

Wow...Hong Kong hotel is so expensive!! 'L" hotel is at HK$ 1400 per night for the harbour View which is the one we stayed. Very nice hotel indeed.

We have pork burger for lunch and dinner since food is so expensive here.

Pork Burger with french fries minus drinks is HK$ 40 = RM 20 FYI<>

Firework display at 8 pm. I really felt that I was in fairy land with the atmosphere and the music and fireworks. Before get this is the toilet bowl in disneyland. After taking photos with Donald duck, we peed on him..

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