Phew....a very busy day indeed
woke up checked email, got a linkpost to write for USD 15 , half way writing an email comes in from smorty asking me to write another pay post, that was after a previous email telling me that they have paid me USD 30 for my posts on those shopping carts software... then checked Payperpost got 2 more opportunities for me too, Aisehman if everyday like this hor... very soon I no more drive Proton Wira liao but driving those mini tiny BMW lor...hence all in all, I think I churned out 6 posts ...clap clap for self achievement...

That is for the busy part of for the happy part....

I got my first paypal payment through my Visa debit card...Hurray hurray...This is because before this, paypal does not allow Malaysians to draw money to Malaysian credit cards because of frauds. Then beginning this October they allow Malaysians to do so...To test it , I tried by drawing USD 15 and after waiting patiently for 4 days the payment came through in my Visa Debit card and not bad too the exchange rate, at 1USD to RM 3.35...and paypal only charge USD 5 per withdrawal.

And this is what I eat to celebrate my busy but happy day:

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    Maverick SM said...

    Wah X'tina, U rich liao!

    USD? veri good moni.

    But write siok-siok posting, ok?

  1. ... on 10:50 PM