Have you seen the PMR science paper for 2007?

While looking through the paper with my students yesterday, I found that it is quite confusing to read with the bilingual paper on the same page as compared to the past few years where they have Bahasa version on the opposite page of the English version. For example:

Hence during exams the students have to read in between lines to skip off the bahasa version which is quite tedious in situation like a public examination where we ask them to read the question 2 or 3 times before answering. Besides thinking about how to answer those questions, they also need to train their nervous brains to skip the bahasa version every time they read the questions.
The only good thing is - the paper this year is much thinner than the past few years so we are saving the Malaysian trees.

Another improvement(??) is, for the first time in Malaysian history, they have coloured diagrams -for a few pictures ( not all ) in the Science Paper 2 :

Colourful stools:

Then black and white giraffe and crocodile:

Then colourful man and his colourful wheelbarrow:

Then black and white vegetative parts of plants:

Which makes the diagrams just a little bit more interesting to look at but we will asking: does it serve its purpose?

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