Anybody else got the phone call from Public Bank debit card or PR advantage as they call it besides me?

I got this phone call, at school this afternoon, who claimed to be a bank personnel doing the account on debit card... I was skeptical and asked him how on earth I know that he is the real bank personnel cos I cannot see his CLIP number at the school office phone!! He said I can always ring up Public Bank HQ to verify.

Okay, then he asked me - Am I expecting some transaction from Paypal? Actually I already checked the completed transaction online already but I asked him why he asked ? He said that many people are getting $$ from Paypal through their debit cards and they are in doubt about that transfer of funds. Then he asks me what I have done to get that $$ from Paypal...I was like har!!! OMG...Why does he have to know??

He asked whether I have sold something or do some service kah to get that money from Paypal? I told him I do paid posts but he did't understand what on earth is paid posts?? I say blogging..he also doesn't understand!!!Then he told me he is also a paypal account holder and paypal does not allow Malaysians to draw $$ but do allow Singaporeans to draw $$. Then very nicely and patiently I told him starting from October 2007, Paypal do allow Malaysians to draw out their $$$ liao... so I ask him TO GO TO PAYPAL WEBSITE TO CHECK FOR HIMSELF.....

I am quite angry for - Why on earth he needs to know how I got that $$$? After all, the transaction is between PayPal, Visa and Public he keepoh or what? Why as a customer I should tell him how on earth I got that $$$?

Then he also said he noticed that people are drawing nearly the same amount from Paypal which is around USD500 and USD495... I told him of cos lar cos it is the maximum amount that we can draw a day from Paypal and USD 495 is becos of the USD5 charge from Paypal...Again I asked him to CHECK IT OUT FROM PAYPAL WEBSITE!!!I am quite TULAN at that point liao...

I am still doubtful about everything cos why as a debit/credit card personnel he is so so very ignorant? Why he didn't check it out with Visa or PayPal but instead with customers like us??

So if you are the next to receive that call from Public prepared very prepared.

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    Helen said...

    hahahaha psst, the next thing you know, this guy will start a blog ASAP and start doing paid posts! :-P

  1. ... on 1:42 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    Most probably he will - after he saw so many ppl getting those $$ from Paypal... sure got attracted one...without knowing that it is not that easy at all to earn those USD...after endless times of clicking that refresh button baru dapat post that pay USD5 and sacrificing our sleep and sweet dreams in the odd hours of the night hor..

  3. ... on 6:47 PM  
  4. Helen said...

    hahaahah now I'm learning to let go. i will just sleep when I feel like it. Last time, I really wait up. :-P Lucky got Astro... lol

    You got his name or not? Maybe we ought to keep a lookout for new blogs! lol It might just be him.

  5. ... on 7:34 PM  
  6. X'tina said...

    Come to think of it - USD is 3X more attractive and that is the reason why we all stay up late for...
    BTW, sayang I didn't get his name ..who knows he may google search then he may land right here and read this blog...LOL

  7. ... on 7:43 PM