There is Disco Barbie, Malibu Barbie and even Princess Barbie.

Now we have a Muslim barbie doll named Salma which means peace in Arabic. This Muslim barbie doll is a huge success in Indonesia.

Mrs Suryaman, the creator of Salma said: "When I saw my niece playing with the Barbie doll, I was thinking I wish we have these dolls in traditional garb that fits our tradition."As we all know, children are easily influenced and often imitate their toys."

Mrs Suryaman and her two employees work hard to meet demand for the doll and sales have gone up during Ramadan as people buy gifts for their loved ones.The wardrobe ranges from traditional costumes, casual clothes and white prayer dresses but all of them come with matching headscarves.

Beside Salma there are other Muslim barbie like Fulla, a dark-eyed doll with, as her creator puts it, "Muslim values."

and a Moroccan Barbie called Leila. These dolls are all single and will never have Ken as her boyfriend :( . Maybe Malaysia should make this toy as Salma's, Fulla's and Leila's boyfriend:

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    Anonymous said...

    What's next? Baldbald, the nun barbie doll?

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