I have this worrying thought for the last 2 months already. Okay, you will be asking what thought?

Since my friend told me about one piece hand luggage strict ruling in UK airport, I was thinking how to bring my laptop ( so important to me!!) and also my handbag with me. My handbag is too big to squeeze into my laptop bag and my laptop bag is too flimsy and small to squeeze in my handbag.

My present flimsy laptop bag with its only flapped pocket which has no security at all to put all my documents.

Where am I going to put all my travelling documents like my passport and air tickets? I have been hunting for a good laptop bag but they are way too expensive - some costing around RM 150 even!! Laptop backpacks are equally expensive too!

On Saturday after our very late lunch at Chicking, we head over to the nearby Trivillion and ta..ta...I managed to see this big and nice bag. I took a gamble that my laptop will fit in so I bought it . The first thing I reach home is testing whether the laptop will fit in or not. Yup..it fits in just nice. Then I tried with the laptop bag + laptop since the laptop bag will strap the laptop in place.... Yippee...it fits in perfectly too because the laptop bag is made of very soft material so it is very versatile. Moreover the new bag has 1 zipped pocket inside and 4 zipped pockets outside!!

( only RM 28)

Now I can bring my laptop to go places with me discreetly!!

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