Just finish marking all the test papers for the end of year examination. I just finished keying all my students' mark online into our School Management System. While keying in just now, the same old thoughts came back to me. I have always been thinking about this question: TO GIVE OR NOT TO GIVE for my past 27 years of teaching!

You must be thinking... to give or not to give what? Okaylar I tell you..if a student of mine gets 39 marks, should I give him just one mark extra when keying in his mark to help him to pass so that at least that mark will be shown in BLUE for pass and not RED as in fail?I know what you are thinking right now..Give him 1 extra mark lar, after all no big deal right?.....

Now I tell you, if I give this Boy A an extra mark to make him pass then what about Boy B who gets 38 marks le? By giving Boy A one extra mark to help him pass then what will Boy B think when he finds out that Boy A was given one extra mark but he was not given anything? And I tell you , in the best class one extra mark makes a lot of differences!!

I once have a colleague of mine who is also in the same dilemma like me. Hence to solve it his way as he claims - when he saw a boy getting 39 marks , to be fair he will give everybody in the class an extra mark for their History test. But my thought was, what happen if another boy who got 38 before that extra added mark, now gets 39 after the added marks ...then how le..do we continue adding and adding bonus mark until we see nobody gets 39 marks?

I know your next thought will be , manipulate a bit lar when marking the test paper, right? Okay I tell you ..if it is a subjective paper we can manipulate the marks here and there to help him to score up to 40 - the pass mark...but if it is an objective test paper then there is simply no way to add in extra mark for them.

After 27 years of teaching, I am still contemplating over that question....


As teachers I am aware of the impact of the word "FAIL" to our students as shown by the writing below:

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    Eric said...

    must be fair and square mah.. the best thing to do is to tell the student that if he had spend a little more time to make a little more effort, then ok liao.. failure is the mother of success.. but making the same mistake twice is stupidity.. =D

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  2. X'tina said...

    Yeah, as teachers we should always be fair and square but it is this feelings of kesian...1 more mark only to change that red mark to blue mark.
    The thing is: anything done by teachers towards students, be it good or bad thing, students will always remember it for their whole life.

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  4. Helen said...

    hmm, i say if it's objective papers, go by the rule.

    If it's subjective, see who has good handwritings lor..:-P

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