What have I been doing since the last post time stamp:

- make coffee for my taukeh

- tested my fasting blood sugar - 6.1 mmol/L not bad considering that I am still not on any medication yet since diagnosed with a whopping level of 14.3 mmol/L since last December. All controlled through sheer determination and sacrifices on all my favourite foods especially durians... now can only smell durians but cannot eat.Need to look after health to enjoy my retirement in just 6 years' time.

- make a wholemeal creamed cheese garlic bread ( will post the picture here when it is done)

Updated: this is how my wholemeal creamed cheese garlic bread looks like 3 hours 45 minutes later after I first type this post.

Very yummy and i am going to share this with my colleagues in this staffroom this afternoon...piping hot cheesy bread...

see...I tell you I am very busy

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