My group of colleagues prefer live to eat than eat to live. Hence we always venture around to look for new eating places in Kuching nearly once a month. The most recent place that we visited last Thursday was at The BanQuet 三川楼 which is a relatively new restaurant with those glass walls and super nice lightings at night.

We got ourselves a VVIP room for the night which looks super nice with all the mirror effects. Not forgetting to mention the 2 waitors stationed in that room just to serve us throughout the dinner

For the first dish we have shark fins( sorry shark !!)since one of my colleagues is so obsessed about shark fins that she thinks day and night about it and even dreaming about shark fins in her sleep continously for seven days and seven nights..

( Price: RM100)
Note: I didn't manage to take the photo of the shark fin in the big serving bowl cos the 2 waitors are too efficient.

Second dish we have the 5 combination cold dish which is made up of abalone, popiah, wasabi prawns, crab meatballs and jellyfish

( Price: RM60)

Third dish was sweet and sour midin..which is blanched midin mixed with sweet and sour sauce..very yummy and something different from the usual sambal belachan midin

( Price: RM20)

Dish#4 is deep fried Garoupa with chinese sauce, very fresh and yummy too!

(Price:RM 55)

dish#5 is baked lamb with special sauce. The lamb is tender, juicy and delicious. FYI that special sauce on the baked lamb costs RM12.

(Price: RM 60 + RM 12)

dish#6 is claypot prawns which is a bit salty but still nice to go with fried mantou and rice.

(Price: RM 50)

dish#7 we have cantonese duck which is ok lar, or maybe we were all too full by then ...

(Price: RM 40)

For last dish, Dish#8 we have mango with pamelo..( not pamela )which I didn't take cos it is a bit too sweet and my friends say it is not nice because the pamelo is a bit bitter!!

(Price: RM 40)

Okay now I show you the washroom at BanQuet:

After the dinner we still linger around here:

to enjoy this:

and to admire this wall fountain :

and to take photo with this:

Nice evening out, with nice friends, nice food and nice ambience.

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    Helen said...

    Classy place comes with classy price. lol The plate of veggie cost RM20? Of course the place had its ambience... Really looks nice and poshy. lol

    Psst, the waiters are efficient becos they want to go home early Sked all of you hang around chat for hours. lol

  1. ... on 10:33 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    Hi helen,
    It is always lidat one, we pay for the place and the ambience. Luckily the food were nice, so everybody happy even paying RM 20 for that Midin which only need RM 4 to buy it raw from pasar tamu. LOL.

  3. ... on 8:19 AM