You know age is catching up when you get some extra "heaven dropped money" but you cannot eat all the nice nice food and sweet sweet things...sigh... Last week I got RM 300+ dividend from Koperkasa (Koopersi for Sarawak government servants) monthly subscriptions interest and share dividens but instead of enjoying nice food like this:

and this:

or even this:

instead I spent RM 120 on this:

and another RM 60 on 3 bottles of this:

and you also know age is catching up when after all the raya visits, stuffing yourself with curries and rendang

I need to take these 100% vegetarian "thunder tea rice" continously for three days to cleanse and detoxify my aging and near expiry date body system.

with the super green herbal soup:

and the result is this:


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    Helen said...

    Hey, at least you take good care of yourself.:-) I always respect people who know how to take care of themselves.

    Anyway, money is meant to spend. The value of money is only realized the moment we part with it, right? lol

  1. ... on 1:16 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    I just have to, when I went to the diabetic clinic and saw those young people in their thirties losing their leg to diabetes it scared the sh*t out of me!!

    I have a friend who loves food so much but she has that 3 in 1 package...high cholesterol+ high blood sugar + high blood..lots of $$ but cannot enjoy food so guess what she super nice recipe at night...sleep with the books, then forget about the nice food in the books the next morning!! What a

  3. ... on 5:23 PM  
  4. nerdook said...

    wah mum. not so cham la. u can still eat the wholemeal bread. :D

    nvm, i enjoy the nice food for u!!

  5. ... on 10:17 PM