Do you still read the conventional newspaper these days? When you get hold of the newspaper in the morning , which is the first page in the newspaper that you turn to first? This is my observation on what people read the first thing they get hold of the newspaper :

1. 4D or 6D numbers by TOTO, MAGNUM , hoping to have struck their bought numbers

2. Stock market the market up or down... clues on stocks to buy...

3. Foreign exchange... how much is USD to RM

4. Comics and cartoons for the day. I used to like LAT cartoons on Strait Times once upon a time.

5. Results from Football matches for those betting kakis

6. Any super sale from supermarket be it toilet papers or cooking oil.

7. Anybody that you know have passed away the day before by looking through the obituary and if we saw some young faces there we will say.... haiyor so young already die and we also need to do some mental arithmetic to minus some years away from the stated age depending on whether it is woman or man

8. We also look at those happily married or engaged couples, trying to see from their facial expression whether they are made for each other or not... expressing our opinions on how they pose

9. For me , I scan through all the more catchy headlines then leave the newspaper for my night reading if I have the time

What about you , what is the first thing you read when you get hold of your morning paper?

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