This show costs US$30mil (RM102mil). .

This is the only time I see him in the rocket.

Most of the time I saw these two doing all the controlling and pressing the buttons here and there

Now I understand why NASA cannot recognise the canornot as astronaut , and we Malaysian has to call him angkasawan - meaning space traveller. And mathematical calculation tells me that each citizen of Malaysia is paying
RM 102 000 000/ 27 328 308
=RM 3.73 per person to watch that show which includes babies, blind people and also the dying people who are paying taxes.

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    Maverick SM said...

    Hahahaha.. $3.73 per person including the blind and morons?

    Eh, you didn't include the $3b military fighter jets and $500mil Altantunya.

  1. ... on 10:56 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    To console ourselves so don't want to include so much lor..too angry hor afterward die from heart attack ...die can't even get a posthumous Dato or not worth they say...Don't worry be happy..

  3. ... on 12:52 PM